I used to be a lot of things. A student at Xavier's. A SHIELD asset. A teacher in training. I used to be Isaac Lorand. But now?

Now I'm not so sure what I am. But I know I'm not what I used to be.

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Gravity of the Situation


Magneto became aware that Isaac was reaching a dangerous point; either he would be able to control the tidal wave of unleashed power within him, or he would be swamped beneath it. He could die before he had time to learn control. That would never do.

"Isaac, well done." He was impressed, despite the alarm bells of potential danger going off in his head. He believed in giving praise when it was due. "I have a car hidden a ways away. Can you walk on the leg?"

He could sense no more metal coming their way; but he would know if it did. He wanted Isaac to not use his powers for a few minutes if he did not have to do so. “If you can not, I can levitate you. I think you should perhaps take a moment. It’s was a great work you just did.”

"No, I can float myself," Isaac replied, obviously out of breath and rather physically exhausted. His powers drained him as an athlete would be drained by running a long race. But still, Isaac remained aloft, despite the heaving of his chest and the sweat on his brow.

At Magneto’s mention of a break, Isaac shook his head, perhaps a bit too fiercely. “No. I can float,” he repeated, floating a bit backwards. “Just- just lead the way.” There was an animal sort of panic in his eyes, similar to that of a cow backed into a corner, fearing the slaughter house. It was an inexplicable reaction, perhaps totally unwarranted, although, given Isaac’s past few days or weeks or whatever it had been, not unexpected. There was still dried, crusty blood on his face and hands; his entire body was overly lean and thin, his features sunken and seemingly gray.

"I’m fine," he continued to protest indignantly, insistantly, almost childlike, "I can keep it up."

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What did HYDRA do to you?

Everything that ever happened to me, apparently.

I thought I was done with them. I thought I- 

They came back for me, though. Of course they would. They’d invested too much time into me. 

What they- What they did to me, though?

I don’t think you wanna know.

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Have you ever killed anyone?



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    Nick stares.
         And stares some more.

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Isaac barely recognizes the older mutant, Kitty's boyfriend. But he does, somehow. "Colossus? What the- Who?" he asks, a terror in his eyes, but somehow, not surprise. Even someone as powerful as Colossus wasn't safe from anti-mutant activists. "Shit, let's get you back to the school, man, alright?"


It had happened again. The one thing he’d always feared, and it had come to pass. This was the second time in his life that Piotr had found himself at the mercy of those who would use him to their own ends by means of torture and tests. They’d taken away the device that controlled Piotr’s mutation, and that was what most heavily weighed on the giant’s mind as the other man found him.

He was too weak to stand, and too weak to speak. He shifted his eyes to look at the other, and let out something of a moan. Being that his body was half metal due to his lack of control the past year or more, he weighed in currently at something near seven hundred pounds. Perhaps it was sheer luck that the mutant that had found him had ways to control the gravitational fields.

As he lay on the table, strapped in, he mustered up the strength to turn his head, and saw the device on a nearby table. He could only hope Isaac knew enough to grab it.

Isaac was surprised to see just how incapacitated Piotr was. In a rush, he followed the metal man’s gaze and picked up the device. He turned it over in his palm, trying to figure out how to use it, not wanting to risk pushing a wrong button, in case there was some way that could put the mutant into greater pain.

As an after thought, Isaac raised a palm, encircling Piotr in a gravitational field and decreasing its pull on him, hopefully making him feel weightless. With a glance to make sure Piotr seemed pleased by that, Isaac turned back to the device. Thinking he had figured it out, he tried to put Piotr back into the flesh.

"You told me not trust anyone and this is how it ends: everything goes!"


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For now, isaaclorand has escaped to Magneto after being captured by HYDRA before.


The file hit the internet along with the rest. Really, it was just one among thousands, but for those who knew Isaac, for those who had taken notice of his going missing… It was a horrible assault of harsh facts.

The information that went up was almost all new information, even for Isaac, and the vast majority of it horrible. Add another one to the list of tragic backstories, but Isaac Lorand’s file was a bombshell, 

Everything was suddenly out there. Isaac’s birth in Germany. Isaac’s powers surfacing. His parents beginning to experiment on him, testing the limits of the mutant body. Detailed lab notes on the results of starving him, on isolating him, on hurting him. It’s all there. Five years worth of experimentation and abuse, all on the internet, for anyone to see.

And suddenly, his recent disappearance takes an even more sinister twist.