Hey there! Isaac Lorand. I'm an ex-SHIELD agent, and now a teacher at Xavier's. Or will be next semester, anyways. ((Please read the bio and the verses pages. MARVEL OC, member of the Assvengers-rpgroup, more than happy to RP with others, though!))



Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division?

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Shit Hydra Is Everywhere, Lock Down.

((Moral of the story: Only say “Hail HYDRA” to Isaac if you don’t mind being bitch slapped by gravity.))

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Hail Hydra

Isaac recognized the man. He’d known a lot about HYDRA. He’d given Isaac ideas about getting in contact with them. Isaac had just assumed the man- Edgar- had just been a SHIELD agent specializing in monitoring HYDRA operations.

Apparently not. 

"You picked the wrong side," Isaac said, every ounce of contained, buried, and forgotten rage from his entire life of fearing HYDRA boiling up inside him like a lake of lava. 

And then he erupted, a great force of gravity rippling out from him, sending everything about him soaring, hopefully including the HYDRA operative that stood before him.

Floating in the air, suspended, his arms raised, ready to strike again, Isaac searched the pile of SHIELD desks, filing cabinets, and computer equipment for the villain.

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'Hail Hydra' -thecaptainspromise

"Gwen? That- That’s not funny, Gwen," Isaac said, nervously, his heart racing. Even as he said it, he knew she wasn’t joking. He knew she was being real with him. Probably for the first time.

That explained it. Why she had gone out with him, why she had called him at nights, why she had smiled at him in the first place. She had been spying on him. Every bit of it, fake. Ruined by HYDRA, like every ounce of his life, every last drop of life in him. Contaminated. Spoiled. Destroyed.

"No," he breathed, his chest rising and falling desperately in a wild, animal-like panic. Then, harder, more firm, more pitiful, like a speck of dust raging against the universe, "NO!" 

With great force and both palms, Isaac shoved her away. He hadn’t meant to put that much weight into it, but he watched her fly back, like a ragdoll. Already sobbing, not wanting to see if she was alive or not, Isaac fled, before he could do any more harm.

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Hail Hydra.

"Nero. Why am I not surprised?" Isaac spat, hurt plain in his eyes, though his voice was harsh and spiteful. 

Without even thinking about it, Isaac let his powers go. Nero was swept off the ground, weightless. The pain in Isaac’s eyes contorted into a rage as he sent Nero flying against the far wall. Down the long hallway Nero toppled, as though he were falling down a deep well, until his body slammed to a stop, like a train hitting a mountainside. 

After a moment to catch his breath, Isaac walked to the broken body that lay on the ground at the end of the hall. 

"Fuck you, Nero," he whispered before turning to leave.

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"M- Mercy?" Isaac asked, with a shattered sort of voice. His eyes were wide and ruined, like the eyes of a child when he first learns that his parents are horrible, horrible people. 

"N-No… No."



   ”—-How’s retirement treating you?”

"Oh! Uh, Director Fury! Hey!"

"Actually, it’s fantastic. Working at Xavier’s, gonna be teaching next Fall… Things are good, really. And, you? How’s… Top secret spy organization management treating you?"


"Oh god, Isaac.."


What more could she say? Who knew what kind of horror story Isaac’s early childhood had been.. it made her shudder just thinking about it. And somehow he’d turned out to be this awesome, awesome guy with a huge capacity for fun and love and.. “I’m sorry.”

"No, it’s- It’s fine."

"I- I don’t think about it a lot, so, it’s okay."

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"A mutant drunk?"


"Hell, it can’t turn out any worse than the night I woke up on a pool table wearing crocs and sporting a new belly button piercing. I still say Drake had a hand in that one, though. Regardless —- out we go."


"Lot’s of floating and rolling on walls. And ha- Drake. Sounds like an adventure. But yeah- Where does a mutant go for a drink, anyways?"

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"I mean.. if you have time to tell it, then I think I do wanna hear it all."


"I mean, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want. I’m just.. a bit worried I guess? I don’t know if it’s something that still bothers or affects you, but.. it’s clear that something definitely did happen, and it was something personal."

"Iiiiiiii- God. Okay."

"Well- This is gonna sound- Weird. But. My parents were HYDRA. Scientists. And, well, uh, when they found out I was a mutant, they wanted to learn more, and- Well, yeah. I don’t remember that much. About what they did. I just remember- Seeing the sun for the first time in five years when the X Men pulled me out."

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