[After his abduction several weeks ago, there is still no sign of Isaac. There is no word of him anywhere.]

I used to be a lot of things. A student at Xavier's. A SHIELD asset. A teacher in training. I used to be Isaac Lorand. But now?

Now I'm not so sure what I am. But I know I'm not what I used to be.

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Flightless Bird | The Hunt for Hawkeye

The gunshot echoed in Isaac’s ears as he fled the scene. They’d shot at him. A part of him wanted to be shocked. SHIELD had shot at him. But, really, he was just angry. They’d interrupted his revenge. He had wanted to kill Maria Hill slowly, to draw it out, to make her feel the pain he had felt under HYDRA’s cruel hand. But the damn sniper had gotten in the way.

Hill. She always had an out, that bitch. But he’d fix her soon enough. Clearly, though, she wasn’t ready, so Isaac would give her a quick break. Just long enough for him to take down the other bastard whose name was at the top of his list. Clint Barton.

Barton the liar. Barton the traitor. Barton, the man who had killed Isaac’s mother and kept it a secret, who had read Isaac’s file and withheld all the information it held about him. Isaac had read Barton’s file over and over again. Memorized Barton’s address. 

When Isaac arrived at the apartment building, he counted windows, counted balconies, and alighted. The balcony was uncluttered, and the curtains drawn on the other side of the window. Isaac craned his head to look in, but could see nothing. The lights seemed to be off. Maybe he would catch Clint napping. 

Finding the door into the apartment locked, Isaac picked up the single chair on the balcony and sent it crashing through the window. He climbed in after it and inside.

The main room was empty, but Isaacwasn’t discouraged. He slipped down a small hall and found the bedroom. The door creaked as the young mutant opened it, but when he got inside he found that room-empty.

"Barton!" he called, angry at how he could hear the lack of control in his voice. He didn’t sound coolly intimidating; he sounded… unhinged. That only made him angrier. "Barton, you son of a bitch, where are you?"

As he called out, Isaac lifted an end table with one hand and tossed it at the wall. The furniture crashed into pieces, and the wall dented. As always, the carnage made him feel stronger, more confident. He turned the bed over and then burst back into the main room, tearing through it like a cyclone. Yelling wildly all the while, Isaac didn’t stop until the room was a mess- the fridge had crashed through the balcony door, the oven was crushed as though some great elephant had sat upon it, the furniture was hardly salvageable.

And when he was done, Isaac had reached a realization. Clint had moved. When Romanov dumped all the SHIELD data on public servers, SHIELD agents all over the world would have been compromised. And Clint would have had to relocate to somewhere safe. And Isaac had an idea of just where he’d feel safest.

Stark Tower.

"I’m comin’, Clint," Isaac whispered as he jumped from the balcony.


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Damn straight.

Don’t forget it.

I have done bad things. I can’t take them back, and they are part of who I am. Most of the time, they seem like the only thing I am.

Veronica Roth, Insurgent (via simply-quotes)

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Clint and Isaac in a post apocalyptic setting.

"I know you don’t trust me," Barton said when they returned to the safehouse, "But- the way the world is, we can’t afford to be like this."

Isaac glanced up at the older survivor who still had the blood from their last encounter with bandits, and there was a wariness in his eyes.

"Sure," Isaac said softly, "Sure."



"Ha, you can’t talk," Isaac laughed, grinning mischievously as he pointed at Gwen.

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Gwen and Isaac. GoT AU.

Even as they met by the riverside, Isaac felt the pain of their imminent parting. He, a bastard, and she a lady of noble birth- there was not a chance for them. And that was why Isaac had decided to leave and take the black, so that she could find a more suitable suitor.

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Gwen and Isaac, Hogwarts AU

After making a solid assist and helping to score another point for Hufflepuff, Isaac turned to face the crowd of cheering students. When his eyes fell on that blonde Ravenclaw again, though, Isaac paused. Only when a Slytherin Beater nearly take him out did Isaac get his head back into the game.

Marvel: Introduces Thanos.

Marvel: Confirms Thanos will appear in multi-picture deal.

Marvel: Hints at Infinity Gauntlet.

Marvel: Introduces Infinity Stones.

Marvel: Confirms Infinity Stones will appear across multiple movies as a running subplot.


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