[After his abduction several weeks ago, there is still no sign of Isaac. There is no word of him anywhere.]

I used to be a lot of things. A student at Xavier's. A SHIELD asset. A teacher in training. I used to be Isaac Lorand. But now?

Now I'm not so sure what I am. But I know I'm not what I used to be.

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"Look I know I should have told you this earlier.." Gwen lingered in the doorway to Isaac's room of the mansion. "But I haven't been able to figure out how to fit it into our conversations." Where she'd try to get him to open up, and receive one word answers. "I kinda have to now. I'm.. Leaving. England. I won't be here much longer, and I don't know if that makes a difference. Or if my presence here is even making a difference, but.. I'm gonna miss you. So.. Yeah. That's that."

lol funny joke gwen

good joke


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12 year old Luke Lorand speeds through the house and turns every piece of furniture upside down. "FuQ THE POE-LICE"

"Hey, don’t look at me; I didn’t teach him that."

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"Guess whaT?! You're CUTE. And I'm glad we're married. And I even love your bal--thinning spot! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY." -thecaptainspromise (message left to Isaac's work)

Smiles despite the thinly veiled insults. 

Students ask why he’s grinning.

He just smiles wider.

My biggest fear

                        is that eventually

                                                  y o u  will see  m e

                                                                                   the way  I  see  m y s e l f 

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Are you still alive? (You never know with the internet)

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Isaac and Kate || dork and the club girl


"Yeah… Yeah I understand. You shouldn’t have to hang around places like that if it’s going to put you off." She chuckled, and took another bite of yogurt. "You know, I do like going to clubs and dance and meet people… But Frozen Yogurt can be just as good." She leaned onto her elbows and grinned up at him. 


"So, Isaac. Think you’ll be able to report back to your friend that things turns out alright even though he dragged you to a club and abandoned you? I’m having a nice night. Hope you can say the same." 

Isaac grinned back. Froyo. Oh, also she was nice. But, man, froyo. 

"Glad you like it," he said, wiping at his face with a napkin. Really, though, it was nice to see this scarily good-lookin’ clubber girl enjoying frozen yogurt. This was sure as hell not how he’d seen the evening going.

"Yeah, yeah," he replied quickly. "I’m having a good time, actually." And he was. Which took him by surprise, really. He had expected to have a horrible time tonight. "Yeah, things turned out alright."

"I’m thinkin’ of growing it out like this.

"Why is it not Christmas yet?"


you are NOT  e v i l ;

              I looked into your eyes

                                  into your soul
YOU are  p u r e



Peter spared Clint a glance, but shook his head.  “I’ve left this situation well enough alone for months.  No more.”  He turned back to Isaac holding his hands out at his sides, palms forward.  The look on Isaac’s face gave him hope that he’d found an opening -

Until he roared and sent Peter tumbling head over heels.  He regained his equilibrium at the last moment, landing on the balls of his feet and skidding several feet.  He braced himself against a wall, giving his head a quick shake.  He and Isaac had rough housed plenty of times, and he’d been floated to the ceiling more times than he could count, but Isaac had never used his powers on Peter in a violent way.

There were still people on the streets around them, people who still had yet to grasp the seriousness of the situation.  There was a mother still in her car, with at least one child in the backseat.  Peter’s blood ran cold at the thought of any of them getting caught up in this.

Even Peter wasn’t quick enough to stop the first punch, but he shot a web at Isaac’s arm, pulling back slightly to deter a second.  “Isaac, man, you have to listen to me, please.  Look around, look at these people.  You know that if this gets any worse, they could get caught up in this.  You don’t want that.”

"Please, just stop now, and we can still fix this.  Don’t you want to see Gwen again?  She’s up in that tower, Isaac."  He took a deep breath and continued.  "She’s up there holding your niece and waiting for you to come home."

Torn out of his assault, Isaac turned towards Peter, half-cocked. Blood was pumping in his ears, threatening to burst through his veins. A switch had flipped, a trigger had been pulled, and Isaac was about to explode. This feeling wasn’t new. He’d experienced it quite a bit since that day Magneto had saved him, since Isaac had murdered his father. And every time the two of them had assaulted a HYDRA compound. But it shocked him every time he felt it, all the same. Isaac knew it for what it was.


Not even Gwen’s name could reach him now.

"I. Said. GO!” Isaac cried, thrusting his arms forward and sending out, effectively, a shockwave, straight towards Peter. 

Clint was out of his mind now. It was Peter that needed to be gone. Isaac raced in the wake of the gravity pulse, ready to follow up with a physical assault.

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"Put. The. Weapon. Down."



"What  w e a p o n  ?  
                                                                     Don’t you
get it ? It’s all ME.”


"MAKE              me.”

"I was afraid you’d say that…"

[Raises a hand and greatly increases the tug of gravity on Max, trying to pull him roughly back down to earth]

"Because I’m just the guy for the job."