[After returning to New York and attacking Hill and Barton, Isaac is now in the custody of SHIELD. His punishment and fate remain to be determined.]

So, the diabolical plot for murderous revenge didn't exactly pan out. Currently residing in SHIELD custody. My own padded cell.

Back in the States, though, so... turn up.

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Whatever life throws at me I’ll take it and be grateful for it as well.

A World of Pains


She watched as he fell back into his rage, and knew herself safe beyond his cage. It didn’t stop her hands from tightening into fists hidden beneath her crossed arms, or her leg muscles bracing to carry her away down the hallway should  the measures taken prove ineffective.

He could still kill her if even a single flaw in the system had been overlooked.

"Now?" She studied him, seeing the struggle it had taken him to regain a semblance of control and approving that he’d bothered. "Now we see if you’re willing to work your way back out of the hole you dug for yourself. We’ll see what SHIELD can do for you, and if there’s middle ground to be found. Then we’ll work on helping you out of that hole."

God, he was burning. There was a furnace, an inferno, burning behind his eyes, in his skull, and he had to brace his entire body against it to keep from melting. To keep hearing Hill.

"Pretty deep hole," he mused, still refusing to face the battle in his blood. Once he addressed it, he’d have to admit the cause, and therefore the severity. Better to just fight through it. Call it exhaustion, hunger, stress. "Gonna take a lot’a digging." 

A hole? That was putting it lightly. He was on fucking rock bottom. And not even Isaac, for all his gravity defying, could float up from there. 

Besides, what was left for him back on solid ground? He’d possibly killed Peter. He couldn’t face the school again, even if they’d take him. There was nowhere, nothing.

"Not sure it’s worth it now."

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A plot i would like to play out with Isaac…

Everything. Every plot.

But honestly, I really want to build up Isaac’s recovery. He’s coming to terms with his identity after finding out it was pretty much all fake. He’s struggling from heavy withdrawals after being pumped with HYDRA drugs. I wanna see him come back, find his new place in his group of friends. I wanna see him mature and, although I want to see him regain his childish wonder, I wanna see him become an adult.

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You are so great. And I’m so lucky to have a you in my life. I know I’m more trouble for you than I’m worth, and I’m so grateful that you stick around when you could just have a normal person life without all my shit taking that away from you.


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"Oh I feel dirty and used. Leave before I charge you for this." She was teasing of  course though Elle did plan on collecting the debt he now owed. "Have fun with your..game?" Elle turned back around and worked on the task at hand. She really hated working with secondary lines but when the boss says jump you say how high. 


Sliding onto his laptop, Isaac logged on to Club Penguin, forgetting to be embarrassed. “Alright, you flippered son of a bitch,” he mused darkly as he entered the username and password of his foe, “Time to redecorate your igloo…”

"He won’t even know what hit him."

((Forever wishing Isaac got to RP more strong relationships with Xavier’s Academy folks. That place and its people are such a MASSIVE part of Isaac’s backstory, and I wish I had been able to build up more good relationships with some Xmen muns and their muses over the 2 years I’ve been on this blog. Main regret.))


"Christ that’s awful.." She muttered and tracked the name through the system. "Ah here we go." She wrote down the password and handed it to him. "This never happened alright?" 


With merciless glee in his eyes, Isaac accepted the slip of paper. “Oh, CaptainWaddles447, you snow-ball throwing piece of shit… The tables are about to turn.” He kissed the paper before folding it and stuffing it into his pocket.

"Thanks, I owe ya one. You can feel good about what you’ve done here today."